Maritime Consulting

In this post-9/11 era, much of the free world’s infrastructure is being looked at in a completely different light, the primary aim being to reduce vulnerability to terrorist and large-scale criminal attacks.  While much attention has been focused on aviation industry and facilities, maritime structures have been neglected in both government and private sectors.  Many terrorism analysts have expressed concern regarding the vulnerability of seaports and other ocean vessel related facilities.  Risk Mondial Maritime Services include:



·        Security Audits


·        Risk Assessments


·        Passenger Terminal and Cargo Facility Consulting


·        Facility Security Management


Risk Mondial has been retained by the largest and best known worldwide cruise lines and seaports to provide a broad array of security and compliance related advisement services.  Our Maritime experts can prepare detailed assessments of any seagoing vessel or related facility, and have audited over 100 domestic and foreign seaports.