Asset Research and Recovery

Risk Mondial offers a comprehensive package of asset search services to corporations, law firms, bankers', restructuring departments, other financial institutions, and creditors', including:

        Post-judgment searches to identify assets
        Goverment Seizure and Forfeitures
Pre-litigation asset identification
Loan defaults and debtor assessment
Bankruptcies and insolvencies

Through our highly developed network of researchers and investigators worldwide, Risk Mondial traces and locates assets and develops financial profiles to help you make critical financial and legal decisions.

Risk Mondial resources are as strong abroad as within the United States. We operate in Western and Eastern Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Asia with a particular focus on well known secrecy jurisdictions.

In the area of asset search and recovery, Risk Mondial has developed the unique capability to locate assets that have been hidden from collection in international "safe havens" as well as in domestic accounts and has assisted clients in successfully recovering over a billion dollars with this service.  Risk Mondial has retrieved both fixed and rotary wing aircraft, maritime property of various types, vehicles both private and commercial as well as durable goods large and small.

Asset searches are used not only in bankruptcy and default debt situations, but also in divorce cases where substantial family wealth is being divided between the parties. Where collection of a judgment is involved, Risk Mondial works as a team with legal counsel to use our international experience and resources to assist in freezing assets for later collection.