Corporate Security

In today’s business environment, physical harm to, or loss of, a senior executive due to crime or terrorism can be catastrophic to individuals and corporations alike. In addition to the emotional devastation, the incident can inflict irrecoverable financial and public relations damage as well.  A professional executive protection program should be an important part of any strategy to protect shareholder value and corporate goodwill. Business executives and other VIP’s have been targeted by criminals and terrorists for a variety of reasons, but the majority of attacks could have been deterred by a proper personal protection program.

Owing to recent world events, individuals, corporations, and other entities have begun to recognize the value of VIP protection, but often fail to adequately evaluate the qualifications and professionalism of the protective specialists.  Risk Mondial Consultants are professionals who can function unobtrusively in a corporate environment.  Each of our consultants has specialized training in executive protection operations, and the majority come from Law Enforcement and elite Military Backgrounds. 


Advance work and Planning


At Risk Mondial, it is our belief that protection is about proper planning and discreetly removing the opportunity for harm, rather than engaging in heroics after a situation is out of control.  Proper advance planning greatly reduces the risk to the protectee(s) while minimizing personal and business disruption.

The Risk Mondial Executive Risk Assessment is the first step in implementing an effective and professional executive protection program.  Before recommending a course of action, Risk Mondial will assess the risk that the protectee(s) and their families face such as public exposure, work schedules, office and residence layout, family and social issues, geographic and leisure activities.  Also taken into consideration are the protectee’s attitudes toward personal protection, and well as personal health and lifestyle issues.  The most competent protection program is worthless if it is so intrusive as to make the protectee uncomfortable.


Travel Logistics - Arrival/Departure and Transportation Services


Frequently, traveling executives need more than a chauffered car, but less than a full “protective detail” to ensure that they get from their aircraft to their hotel or business meetings safely and with minimal distractions.  Risk Mondial can arrange for a secure vehicle with a trained driver, familiar with local geography and fluent in the local language.


Liaising with local law enforcement and other security entities


Protective operations for Executives and other VIP’s can sometimes conflict with local law enforcement and other security operations.  Risk Mondial works diligently to develop and maintain positive relationships with other entities in every location where we operate.  The decades of Law Enforcement experience represented by Risk Mondial means we can see these issues from both sides, and elicit cooperation from all parties involved.


Security Briefings for executives, their families, and other employees


Business persons who frequently travel to foreign countries can substantially reduce the risk of being targeted by adjusting some personal habits and procedures when abroad.  In addition to providing close protection, Risk Mondial can organize training and instruction to clarify what people can do themselves to reduce their own risk at home, work, or while traveling.

Risk Mondial’s Personal Protection programs are tailored to the client’s threat exposure, public profile, and personal preferences; implemented with professionalism and discretion.  Contact Risk Mondial for detailed information and proposals.