Incident Management and Response

Individuals and corporations operating in the global marketplace need to have a clear view of the landscape of political-economic instability and risk that defines much of the world outside North America, Europe and the former Soviet Bloc States.   Partnering with a professional security consultant with experienced global contacts can bring critical issues into focus and assist in the development of an appropriate response to incidents that may threaten corporate officers, personnel, and facilities. 

A Risk Mondial Executive Risk Assessment can assist you in determining where vulnerabilities exist, so that security and logistics measures are targeted, cost-effective, and reasonable.  These may go beyond a protective program, and include Evacuation Plans, Kidnap/Ransom (K&R) Programs, and Corporate Counterintelligence and Extortion Investigations.

Should an actual crisis occur, Risk Mondial Consultants can respond to assist and advise clients in the management of the incident.  Risk Mondial consultants can be on-site in a matter of hours to assist those most closely affected.  Our substantial experience in both federal and local law enforcement gives Risk Mondial consultants an advantage when managing the frequently conflicting agendas that emerge during a crisis.

Risk Mondial consultants can offer measured, objective advice to those involved in and affected by an incident. In the event of a personal or corporate crisis, a consultant has the obligation to discuss probable outcomes in a forthright manner and objectively advise as to the likely effect of various responses.  A consultant must understand the distinction between diplomacy and “telling people what they want to hear”.  At Risk Mondial, we always address client concerns and issues in a direct and honest manner, with the client’s best interest at the center of any advice.  If you would like to learn more about these services, please contact Risk Mondial for a confidential consultation.