Due Diligence And Litigation Support

Risk Mondial is often retained to conduct research and due diligence investigations for other investigative companies, corporations, and law firms around the world.

Our researchers can verify employment history, academic credentials, references, criminal background, prior civil actions, credit history, property ownership, and vehicle license information. 

We conduct confidential investigations tailored to your needs and budget, summarizing the most accurate and current information available in a professional report.

Credit Reports

Personal or business credit history is an important indicator of reliability. More than half of all individuals have a record of late payments, credit collections, tax liens or bankruptcy. With the creditor's prior consent, we can provide a detailed record of this information from all three major credit bureaus.

A Commercial Credit Report includes how much credit has been extended, how rapidly the supplier is being paid and what problems suppliers may have with the debtor. Names of the principals of the company, starting data, their line of business and banking information are also reported, when available Payment summaries with Payment Index and the Credit Information Score. This report gives a detailed picture of a business's credit history, negative occurrence information, such as third-party collection claims, legal suits and judgments and returned checks.

Financial Record Searches

We can research and provide a financial record for any individual or corporation. We also conduct specialized financial research such as:

  • Federal unclaimed dividends
  • Unclaimed money searches
  • Bank account information
  • Credit card transaction records
  • Credit card locator
  • Bankruptcy records
  • Stock ownership
  • Off-shore banking records
  • Insider trading reports
  • Major brokerage house searches

Criminal Record Searches

There is no single database with a complete record of all criminal convictions for all jurisdictions. Compiling a complete record requires a thorough search of all jurisdictions where the individual has lived in the past.

Civil Suit Record Searches

Civil cases are much more common than criminal cases and include divorces, product liability suits, evictions and many other categories. Compiling a civil suit record requires a thorough search of all jurisdictions where the individual has lived in the past.

Social Security & Social Insurance Number Verifications

Social security numbers are frequently misused or fabricated by individuals wishing to conceal their true identity or a criminal history. We can verify that the number is valid and establish where and when it was issued. We can also search a database of numbers used fraudulently in the past, and a database of numbers belonging to deceased individuals. Tracing an individual's social security number is an important method of establishing residence history prior to conducting criminal and civil suit record searches.

Property Record Searches

We can obtain ownership information for residential and commercial real estate including the address, photocopies of deeds and information on outstanding liens. We can also obtain ownership registration and model identification information for motor vehicles, boats and aircraft, with information on outstanding liens.

 Driver's License Record Searches

Driver's license record information includes the license number, status, class and expiration date with a record of any violations. A suspended license or a history of traffic violations can make a job applicant inappropriate for certain positions. Approximately 37% of all drivers have a record of moving violations, accidents or impaired driving violations. Our report will include all available details for the longest period we can access.

Telephone Number Searches

We can provide telephone, cellular, toll-free, voice mail and pager numbers, with billing name and address information. This can include reverse telephone and cell number searches, non-published and disconnected numbers. We can also supply the names and phone numbers of your subject's neighbors, phone numbers of people who contact your subject, and phone numbers that your subject has called.

Address Searches

We can provide complete address information for homes, companies, post office boxes and private mailboxes. We can also provide addressing information from utility companies.

Corporate Profile Searches

We can provide the legal name of a company and the head office address, date of registration or incorporation, and names and addresses of directors and officers.

We also conduct enhanced profiles, which can include all details of a business including: corporate status, officers and directors, head office location, key management, business names and trade names, associated companies, subsidiaries and parent companies, products offered, bankruptcy search, lien search, civil action search, and a search for related articles in newspapers and trade journals. We search over 150 databases, public records, print sources and the Internet to complete the background. Turnaround time is usually 5 days, but this may vary depending on the search depth required.

International Research

Risk Mondial, conducts research on a global scale through our affiliates and international associates. Call for details.  

Risk Mondial is a licensed private investigative agency in the state of Florida #A2300059.